Starting from 10th March 2017, Egyptian experts and Japanese experts started working together in Fumigation labs. This work continued for one week, checking the fumigation work process and the materials required for the upcoming fumigation work that is planned to be done after the transportation of the target artifacts from EM to GEM.

 Mr. Suemori, Dr. Tsukada and Dr. Okada with Dr. Hussein, GEM Project Manager and Fumigation lab staff discussed fumigation’s work plan, checked the current work situation and decided on the list of needed materials for fumigation work.

Japanese team with the Egyptian team checking the work process

Moreover, on 14th March 2017, Japanese experts visited the Egyptian Museum located in Tahrir (EM) to meet with Mr. Moemen, Egyptian Museum Conservation Lab Head to find out more about Fumigation work at EM and the Mummy Room including environmental control and monitoring, to understand better the best available techniques for fumigation and to select the most suitable method for the fumigation of the target artifacts.

On 16th March, the Japanese team conducted some experiments at GEM-CC and confirmed with the Egyptian team on the work plan and the required material for the work.