More survey conducted on wall paintings using X-ray radiography, electromagnetic radar, and high spec digital microscope.

More analysis and diagnosis using X-ray radiography, electromagnetic radar, high spec digital microscope was carried out by the wall painting team and scientists of analysis and diagnosis team. In order to assess the internal structures by application of modern science and technology, X-ray radiography and digital microscopes were procured by […]

Ramses Ⅱ statue moved to GEM Entrance

We were’e very delighted to watch this historical moment when Ramses II statue was moved to its final display location at the entrance of GEM. we’d like to share with you some of the transportation footage. the following links show some of the media and news coverage of the event: […]

Merry Christmas!

The first year of the project started just like yesterday. many different people from different specialties have been collaborating and working together to achieve no less than fantastic results. We are looking forward to continuing our work after the holidays and we wish you all a merry Christmas and happy […]