The Third JCC Meeting

The Third Joint Coordinating Committee was held by the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and the Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project (GEM-JC project) on November 29,2018. Under the supervision of the general supervisor of GEM, Dr Tarek Tawfik, and the senior representative of JICA Egypt, Mr Matsuzaki Mizuki, the committee […]

Press Release: The transportation of the final target artifact is completed

This time, “The Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project (GEM-JC project) has completed transporting the final pieces among the 72 target artifacts: Ini-Sneferu- Ishetef’s mural paintings. The Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project is an international cooperation project implemented by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and managed by a joint […]

The First Set of Mural Paintings Transported to GEMCC

Yesterday, The Egyptian and Japanese transportation and mural paintings teams have transported the first set of mural paintings from the Egyptian museum in El-Tahrir to the Grand Egyptian Museum, Conservation Center (GEMCC). After the mural painting team finished the first aid work on the paintings, the transportation team started taking […]

First Aid Starts for the Final Sets of the Mural Paintings

The Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center’s (GEM-CC) experts are currently working on the last 3 sets of mural paintings in the GEM-JC project, preparing for their transportation to the GEM-CC. After setting up the scaffolds needed for work, the Egyptian and Japanese mural painting conservators started the first aid process […]