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Wood group updates

Moaz Elgabry 2020/06/14 0 comments

Tutankhamun Canopy analyzed and documented

The documentation and analysis work of the Tutankhamun Canopy has been moving forward smoothly since it arrived in GEM-CC in late June last year. The Egyptian experts continued the established procedures in the documentation and analysis. The process went relatively quicker given the fact that it was the last artifact
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Moaz Elgabry 2020/06/07 0 comments

Discussions and studies about the display

The project stakeholders have agreed to extend the project for an additional year. Now the project is going to support the internal transportation and implement activities related to the effective display of the target artifacts. The Japanese experts came to GEM-CC within weeks from the decision to study the possible
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Mural Paintings group

Moaz Elgabry 2020/04/26 0 comments

Finalizing XRF Analysis for the Mural Paintings

As the analysis processes for the lead mural paintings were finished, and most of the follow artifacts were analyzed using the XRF (X-ray fluorescence), it was time to finalize all follow artifacts. This time the target of analysis was focused on 5 smaller pieces of mural paintings including 3 pieces
Mural Paintings
Moaz Elgabry 2020/04/13 0 comments

GEM-CC cooperation with E-JUST in analysis

GEM-CC has a memorandum of understanding with E-JUST (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology), which is a research university set up in collaboration between the Japanese and Egyptian governments in 2010. Both organizations had agreed on the promotion of technological cooperation in the conservation of Egyptian cultural heritage, and cooperating
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Textile group

Moaz Elgabry 2020/05/17 0 comments

Finalizing multispectral imaging on Tutankhamun’s Tunics

The documentation and analysis teams have been utilizing multispectral imaging techniques to document and analyze the textile artifacts, where they take photographs of each artifact under various wavelengths such as ultraviolet and infrared. Utilizing such techniques helps in identifying and confirming the presence of certain substances and compounds. Tutankhamun’s Tunics
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Moaz Elgabry 2020/05/10 0 comments

Receiving and unpacking the last textile mount from Japan

The project covers all processes related to the conservation of the selected target textile artifacts which include the steps of remedial conservation but also the measures for preventive conservation. For fragile and sensitive textile target artifacts, the project dedicated more time in planning and designing three types of pressure mounts
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