Project Name

The Project for the Conservation Center in the Grand Egyptian Museum


The Arab Republic of Egypt

Date of Agreement

3 April, 2008


St. Suzan Mubark – behind Remaya Military Club – Remaya Square – Giza.

Cooperation Period

June 22, 2008 – March 31, 2016

  • Phase 1: June 22, 2008 – June 30, 2011 (Preparatory Phase)
  • Phase 2: July 1, 2011 – March 31, 2016 (Implementation Phase)

Counterpart Organization

The Grand Egyptian Museum, the Supreme Council of Antiquities


In response to limited space and facility of the Egyptian Museum, the main archaeological museum in Egypt, the Government of Egypt decided to build the Grand Egyptian Museum (hereinafter called GEM).  Upon the request from the Government of Egypt regarding construction of the museum in the Summit of May 2003, the Government of Japan planned to assist for construction of the main building with yen loans (Official Development Assistance) (L/A was concluded in May, 2006).   The Egyptian side is conducting the detailed design to start for the first-track construction of the museum. JICA assisted from February to November, 2006 in formulating the detailed design by sending an advisor in this field considering lack of knowhow and experience of the Egyptian side in construction design of a grand museum.

GEM is expected to house fifty thousand artifacts at the opening and the collection will reach to hundred thousand.  The artifacts have been transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center (hereafter GEM-CC) which was opened in June 2010.   Egypt has basic capacity to manage and conserve artifacts. However, improvement in both knowledge and skills  to conserve and restore deteriorated artifacts due to previous improper store environment, past treatment and fragile artifacts is required.   In addition, a system and expertise to create, maintain and manage appropriate environment for preservation of artifacts on display and storage.


Overall goal:

The ultimate goal of GEM is not only to provide a better museum experience but also to establish a global center of Egyptology in terms of both theory and practice. The aim of the GEM-CC is to conserve the artifacts of GEM and other artifacts from all over Egypt, and develop the capacities of the conservators from the whole Egypt, Middle Eastern and North African Countries. The overall goal of this project is that the GEM-CC is established as a conservation and research hub institution with the internationally recognizable standard.

Project Purpose:

GEM-CC functions as an integrated center for conservation practice and research in Egypt


To technology transfer and capacity development on the following items in various approaches:

  1. Principle of the GEM-CC management is established
  2. Knowledge and techniques of the GEM-CC experts for conservation, science and storage management are improved
  3. System and organization for construction of database are established

Project Activities

  1. Management of the GEM-CC
    • To provide advice on organization and management
    • To introduce experience in similar organization in Japan and other countries
  2. Capacity Building of the GEM-CC
    • To create a assessment sheet and conduct periodical capacity assessment to evaluate the effect of training courses
    • To prepare training courses; training materials
    • To conduct training courses and course evaluation
    • To provide advice towards implementation of Action Plans which are to be formulated within training courses
  3. Support to the GEM-IC
    • The GEM-IC is established in the GEM with sufficient number of staffs
    • Archaeological Database Department (ADD) tasks to be handed over to the GEM-IC
    • To provide advice on work tasks of the GEM-IC

Input from the Japanese side

  • • Dispatch of experts (long-term and short-term): Chief Advisor/ Coordination; IT (Database); Coordinator/ Training; Technical Chief Advisor (Conservation); Conservation Training Organizer; Experts for specific issues as needed
  • Equipment needed for conducting training courses
  • Expenses for conducting training courses
  • Training courses in Japan and/or third country(s)
  • Establish an Advisory Committee in Japan
  • Establish technical support system in Japan

Input from the counterpart

  • Placement of the Director of the GEM-CC; Heads of each department of the GEM-CC; Staffs of the GEM-CC including the administration department; Staffs of the GEM-IC; Training Coordinator
  • Provision of an office space and necessary furniture and office infrastructure
  • Equipment needed for conservation and consumable goods for conservation and science laboratories and storage of the GEM-CC and GEM-IC

Project Brochure