From October to November, Dr. Takeshi Oishi, Dr. Masataka Kagesawa, ARVR system development experts, and Dr. Ishii Mie, an textile expert visited the GEM-CC.

They discussed the progress and improvement of the project with Dr. Hussein Kamal, Project manager of GEM-JC and the director of GEM-CC, and other Egyptian experts. They also shared information on the contents and system of AR/VR with each other which will be exhibited in the gallery so that related parties share the exhibition image as well as discuss the challenges and improvements of the system.

Dr. Oishi (left), Dr. Kagesawa (center), Dr. Ishii (right back) discssing with Dr. Hussein Kamal, GEM-CC director (central back).

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, the GEM-JC Project has been mainly communicating remotely with the Egyptian experts. However, by actually talking face to face with the Egyptian experts, the Japanese experts gained a better understating of the current situation of GEM-CC and GEM, as well as the results of the project and the future challenges.


Dr. Kagesawa (middle) and Dr. Ishii (right) showing Egyptian experts the ARVR contents.


Dr. Oishi (middle) and Dr. Kagesawa (right) discussing with Egyptian expert of 3D measurement.


In the future, the Japanese experts will continue to visit Egypt as much as possible, in order to cooperate with the Egyptian experts for the project.