In May 20th, 2015 (Thu), Director Kodera Kiyoshi of JICA has visited GEM-CC. First, General Director of GEM-CC, Dr. Tarek has welcomed him with a welcome speech. He also has mentioned how the project staff members has reached the level to lead people related to other museums inside Egypt, after gaining enough knowledge through the training courses done by both JICA and the GEM-CC, expressing his gratitude to the JICA and the GEM-CC staff.

In response to that, Director Kodera has mentioned how pleasant the progress in technical cooperation is, indicating the intentions of proceeding with the current cooperation.

Director Kodera has visited various conservation laboratories inside the GEM-CC, receiving explanation about the current state of GEM-CC and about Japan Technical cooperation support activities carried out through JICA GEM-CC.

Director Kodera has also visited GEM construction site, as well as the Solar Boat project.

Director Kodera seeing the Golden Bed of Tutankhamun in Wood laboratory

Director Kodera seeing the Wand of Tutankhamun in Wood laboratory

Director Kodera seeing how the staff carry out the conservation process in Stone Laboratory