Workflow progress of the Archeological Database Department (ADD):

Preparations for the ADD work began last year while actual work started on 11th April 2010. Work is going on now in one of the galleries of artifacts in the Egyptian Museum by checking, measuring and photographing the artifacts placed in a small storeroom in a corner of the gallery of the Middle Kingdom on the first floor. It is now a part of the tourists visit to the Egyptian Museum. Most of the artifacts on the current survey are stele.

The ongoing work is not so different from what has been done in the storerooms in suburbs of Cairo; work goes as following: 1- the curator of the EM searches for the selected artifacts for GEM using lists created by the ADD staff, 2- ADD staff measures the artifacts, 3- They take photos of the artifacts, 4- Conservators from the GEM-CC cover and pack the artifacts in wooden boxes. 5- Data of collected artifacts are recorded in the database. The third step, photography, is developed using the manual of photography compiled by Mr. Kaneko and the workshop he held on March. Lightening in particular is well developed and we can compare recent photos with ones taken months ago to note the difference. The curators of the Documentation Section in the EM liked the photos and they are used in the database of the EM.

Still there are piles of problems in work sites which face us and we have to solve them. So, for work to flow, we will discuss these problems with officials of the GEM to get interpretations.

Work inside the gallery of the Middle Kingdom
Photography inside the gallery