Hands-on practice: Learning about condition check of museum artifacts

Reporting presentations about the two training courses held in Japan from September to October 2011: Collection Management and IPM (insecticidal treatment), were made by the participated GEM-CC staff on November 13 and 16 at the GEM-CC library.

Collection Management course aims to build a system to receive, organize, manage, and to store at the storerooms of the GEM-CC in a safe environment for the objects and people. At present, there are 10,000 objects transported to the conservation center from different parts of Egypt. It will receive 90,000 more artifacts from museums and storages to join the collection of the new museum.

The course was mainly given by Prof. Masatoshi Kubo, Prof. Naoko Sonoda, Ass. Prof. Shingo Hidaka from the National Museum of Ethnology and Ms. Tomomi Wadaka (Bunkasozokogei), Ms. Yukako Kawamura (Kawamura bunkazai hozon kankyo risa-chi), and Ms. Sachi Hashimoto (Hashimoto bunkazai kikaku).

Two curators, two conservators and a database manager of ADD participated in the course in Japan. At the end of the course, they created an action plan for collection management.

Today, the trainees shared the action plan with their colleagues. Mr. Mohamed Ghoneim (GEM consultant), Mr. Osama Abou el Khier (Executive director of GEM-CC), Dr. Hussein Kamal (Technical director of GEM-CC) also attend the gathering.


Hands-on practice: Learning how to use the equipment for insecticidal treatment using carbon dioxide (CO2)

The action plan is divided into 10 parts: 1) Utilization of Database, 2) Putting GEM no., 3) Location Address, 4) Condition Check, 5) Introduction of necessary IPM methods to storage management, 6) Environment Management, 7) Collection Placement on Storage Shelf, 8) Insecticidal Treatment, 9) Workshop on “Dealing with Artifacts” to storage staffs, 10) Budget to purchase necessary equipment and tools for collection management.

It is expected that curators and conservators implement the plan with the support of ADD staff and JICA GEM-CC project experts.

The presentation about the IPM action plan was given by four trainees who are responsible of the insecticidal treatment at GEM-CC and participated in the training course of the IPM (insecticidal treatment). They learned about the methods of insecticidal treatment using carbon dioxide gas and nitrogen gas and a practice of IPM in Japanese museums through lectures and hands-on practice.

The training course was mainly given at the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka by the instructors such as Prof. Naoko Sonoda, Ass. Prof. Shingo Hidaka from the museum, Dr. Sadatoshi Miura (Japan Institute of Insect Damage to Cultural Properties), and Mr. Kazuyoshi Kawagoe (Ikari Corporation).

During the presentation, the trainees talked about what they learned in Japan, and the differences between the systems applied in GEM-CC and in Japan regarding fumigation and insecticidal treatment.

Finally, the presenters thanked to the Japanese side for providing them with the training courses to improve there skills, while the audience praised the performance of staff in GEM-CC.