On Sunday 14th June, 2015, a report presentation was held in GEM-CC about the training course of “Stone”, which was conducted in Japan during the period from 15th~ 28th May 2015 aiming to develop capacities to conserve and restore stone artifacts sustainably by utilizing the facility and equipment of the GEM-CC.

The “Stone” training course was attended by 6 members from GEM-CC (3 members from Stone Lab and 1 member from each of Special Projects lab and Heavy Artifacts Lab and Light Microscopes Lab) and they visited many places starting with School of Creative Science and Engineering (Waseda University, Tokyo), and The Institute for Conservation and Use of Cultural Heritage (Oita). In the first place, the trainees were able to understand about the scientific approach related to the stone artifacts, and in the second place, the trainees studied more about the conservation techniques applied in Japan regarding to conserve the stone artifacts.

Besides, the trainees were also able to visit National Research Institute for Culture Properties (Tokyo), Tokyo National Museum, The Institute for Conservation and Use of Cultural Heritage (Oita) and several sites of […] stone cultural heritages (Oita).

The report presentation was attended by 25 members of GEM-CC, and the presentation was done by one of the members who attended the course and each one of the other members mentioned a few words about the course.

The trainees insisted that the training course included many advantages, such as learning about the usage of XRD and XRF in conservation field, and that will be useful for them when conserving the stone artifacts in GEM-CC.

The trainees also mentioned that they are looking forward to attending the next “Stone” training course which will be held in GEM-CC in the next time.

Technical Chief Advisor of JICA GEM-CC Introducing the trainee who made the presentation

The trainee making the presentation

Other trainee presenting her impression about the course

Other Trainee Presenting his impression about the course