The GEM-JC Project’s target textile artifacts include 56 pieces; 7 of which are lead target artifacts while the other 49 pieces are follow artifacts.
The lead artifacts will be the objects on which GEM-CC and the Japanese conservators will work collaboratively, and will be conserved to be a model to follow when GEM-CC conservators work on follow artifacts. The follow artifacts are the objects which GEM-CC conservators will work and conduct conservation processes on, whereas the Japanese conservators will provide technical supports when needed.

Tut’s Textile artifacts

As for the textiles of King Tutankhamen, the level of deterioration is not the same for every artifact. However, generally the fibers that construct the textile are deteriorated and in an extremely brittle condition. When the textile artifacts were excavated, most of them were found either folded or rolled up.
As for the artifacts where the fibers are extremely deteriorated, it will be very difficult to unfold them. Additionally, among these target textile artifacts, there are some artifacts of dyed fabric that has faded over the years.

King Tutankhamun’s Textile artifacts