The first JCC meeting

On the 14th of December, 2016, the first Joint Coordination Committee was held to discuss important issues of the project including the project policies, plan and implementation structure. JCC (Joint Coordination Committee) is a committee formed from members of both Project directors of Egyptian and Japanese side and other related experts. […]

Textile’s first condition check

In December 2016, the Egyptian textile team was ready to welcome the Japanese team to start working right away on confirming the target artifacts. The team started updating the database with the recent data. Also at the same time they conducted preliminary condition check to identify damages and their degrees. Since the Egyptians and […]

Mural painting’s first condition check

As soon as the Japanese experts arrived, they started the preliminary condition check to confirm the target artifacts’ conditions , and to collect data on which the scheduling of the whole project will be based. The Egyptian documentation team was present throughout the whole process working together on the photographic documentation, […]

Wood teams conduct preliminary condition check

As soon as the Japanese team of wood experts arrived, they went together with the Egyptian documentation team to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo (EM) to conduct a preliminary condition check to confirm the target artifacts condition, types of damage, degree of deterioration, and current environment. The preliminary condition check […]