GEM-JC Project will provide 3 high-value instruments throughout the duration of the project, including a X-ray radiography device, a Digital Stereo Microscope and a 3D portable scanner, all of which are important analysis instruments that will be of great help in the documentation and analysis processes.

Despite a slight delay due to the customs clearance process, the devices arrived barely on time on the 14th of March. Starting from the 20th of March, Mr. Matsushima Tomohide, Associate Professor at Kochi University and a licensed expert of X-ray radiography, inspected the components of the device and tested it to ensure its full functionality.

After configuring and setting up the device, Mr. Matsushima gave a lecture on the basic safety precautions on using the X-ray device, and explained how to use the device to get valuable information and data about the analyzed objects. more than 10 of GEM conservators and scientists attended the lecture showing great enthusiasm and curiosity.

On the 22nd of March, Dr.Kirino gave another lecture elaborating on the safety precautions and measurements when dealing with X-ray to ensure the safety of the operating staff and other bystanders as this device is planned to be used to analyze the lead target artifacts (Chariot and Bed) in the Egyptian Museum where they’re currently being displayed.