Ms. Masuda, together with Mr. Sayed, a new mural painting team leader of Egyptian side, made a detailed plan for follow artifacts in November, and discussed all the details with Dr. Hussein Kamal, the Project Manager. Ms. Narita and the Egyptian members executed the First Aid in the Egyptian Museum according to the plan in December. The team had chosen the same First Aid method which was chosen in May. So, the execution of the work was rather smooth, and both Japanese and Egyptian member already acquired the method and completed the work earlier than planned. Cooperation among the team is vital for large scale objects such as mural paintings. It was realized that each member acquired more experience and became more skilled in using the technique of application of Cyclodecane but also building up the spirit of team-work.


Meanwhile, at GEM-CC, Mr.Hashizume, joined by Mostafa Shehata, Ahmed Mamdouh, Mahmoud Abu El-Soud, Abd El-Rahman Mohamad, had prepared the support which will hold the mural paintings in the laboratory after transportation. This support need to be lightweight yet sturdy to safely move and to withstand the heavy weight of the mural paintings. Therefore, the mural painting team devised this holding base after many considerations. According to the progress of the work, the position of the frame can be rearranged. The special materials used for parts such as aluminum frame and twin cone panel with the honeycomb structure are Made in Japan products.