The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and the Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project (GEM-JC Project) organized a study session and lab tour in the GEM-CC for the Japanese-speaking tour guides from different travel agencies on Sunday 14th of October, to introduce the work done at GEM-CC as well as the Egyptian- Japanese technical cooperation in the project.

The day started with an introduction about the GEM given by Dr. Tarek Tawfik, the general supervisor of the GEM, in which he gave detailed information about the GEM and answered to the inquiries of the participants. After which Dr. Hussein Kamal, the general director of technical affairs of the GEM-CC, gave a presentation about the history as well as the conservation works done at the GEM-CC and how the Egyptian and Japanese sides have been working together even before its opening in 2010.

Followed by these introductions, the JICA representative of the GEM-related projects, Mr. Sakamoto Kei gave a briefing about the projects that JICA funds in Egypt, emphasizing that the GEM project is the biggest project Japan has funded so far in Egypt. Another detailed presentation was given by Ms. Nishisaka Akiko, the deputy manager of the GEM-JC project, explaining the project and the project’s outputs, which include the transportation and conservation of 72 artifacts.

Before starting the tour around the labs of the GEM-CC, the GEM-JC project coordinator Ms. Moriyama Misako and the GEM International Relations members gave a brief about the precautions and rules that must be followed inside the labs, to ensure the safety of artifacts as well as tourists. After which, Dr. Hussein Kamal escorted the participants to the labs, explaining to them the history of the artifacts as well as the conservation work done to them. Finally, the tour ended with a discussion session between Dr. Hussein and the participants, answering all the inquiries related to the work at the GEM-CC.

The participants gave us a positive feedback about the tour, expressing the greatness of the work done in the GEM-CC labs. We hope that this tour would help in raising the awareness of many people on the importance of protecting our precious heritage.