The project covers all processes related to the conservation of the selected target textile artifacts which include the steps of remedial conservation but also the measures for preventive conservation. For fragile and sensitive textile target artifacts, the project dedicated more time in planning and designing three types of pressure mounts for their display and long term preservation.

The project has thus manufactured special mounts for the finely crafted Tutankhamun’s target textiles that can be also used for the display. The mounts allow the visitors the most visibility to appreciate the artisanship of its ancient creators while at the same time satisfies the modern international standards of conservation. The mounts are comprised of two parts, an internal mount, and an outer mount. The internal mount is essential for the preservation of the artifact’s shape and chemical stability, while the outer mount functions as an extra layer of protection from external factors such as ambient humidity and temperature etc.

The external mounts went through a long journey from the Japanese manufacturer to GEM-CC. The shipment process from Japan had started in July 2019 and we are thrilled to see the arrival of the last mount at GEM-CC.

The mounts, as well as the artifacts, still have a small trip to make to the Tutankhamun Gallery in the GEM itself before they are finally displayed to the visitors.