Here’s what some of the locals have to say about this award!

Dr. Hussein Kamal

GEM-JC Project Manager/General Director of GEM Conservation Center

The Grand Egyptian Museum, Joint Conservation project (GEM-JC project) is the continuation of the cooperation between the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) that started in 2010. More than 40 Japanese and 60 Egyptian experts are participating in this project, aiming to transport, investigate and conserve 72 artifacts targeted by the project to be later displayed at GEM. Winning this award was a recognition of how the magnificent efforts by the team were crowned with success. and it makes me very proud.



Dr. Eissa Zidan

Director of Executive Affairs of GEM Conservation and Transportation

「I’m pleased and proud that the Egyptian and Japanese joint conservation project managed to win the Yomiuri International cooperation award. If anything this is the result of fruitful cooperation between Japan and Egypt under the auspices of JICA, through which we exchanged our experiences and everyone worked devotedly and have the spirit of one unified team which is the stepping stone for any successful work. All my appreciation and respect to the people of Japan and JICA experts and my Egyptian colleagues who made this achievement. And I wish for more fruitful cooperation with Japan. 」




Ms. Misako Moriyama

GEM-JC Project : Project Coordinator/Procurement Manager

The news of winning the Yomiuri International Cooperation Award really surprised me. For the first few days, it seemed so unreal, too good to be true. But day by day, reality set in, and the excitement finally hit me when the article appeared in the newspaper. Despite the completely different cultural background, many Japanese and Egyptians strived to establish trust between one another and pursue achievements of the project from Phase 1. We owe this award to everyone who supported and helped bring this project into the limelight, and we are truly grateful.


Ms. Riham Nabil

GEM-JC Project : Senior Administrative and Accounting Officer

Winning Yomiuri International Cooperation Award is a dream for many organizations. When I knew that our project, GEM-JC project, won this award, I was extremely happy, because I saw and participated in every step in the project and I know how the Japanese and Egyptian experts exert their efforts for the success of this project. Everyone participating in this project does their work with love, and we are like one family with one target. Thus, I’m really grateful for receiving such an award, because it expresses the appreciation for our work for years and it drives the whole team to reach more success and achievements.




Mr. Moazbellah Elgabry

GEM-JC Project : Project Officer

「When I heard that GEM-JC project has won the Yomiuri International Cooperation Award I couldn’t believe my ears. I had never expected that the project could make such an achievement. But when looked back at the results of the project team’s work I realized that this hadn’t happened suddenly. Rather, it was the fruit of continuously striving for the best no matter how insignificant the work process might be. There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and I believe this award boosted the team’s spirit to continue to push forward for greater success. It makes me proud to have played even a small part in this achievement.」