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Wood group updates

Amira Mohamed 2017/06/02 0 comments

Tutankhamun’s ritual bed and chariot moved to the Grand Egyptian Museum

Starting from 17th May, Transportation team from both Egyptian and Japanese side started working together on packing Tutankhamun’s ritual bed and chariot. Mr. Eissa, general director of First-Aid, packing and transportation in GEM with Mr. Tokuda and Mr. Masada from Nippon Express Ltd, worked together with other transportation team members
Wood updates
Amira Mohamed 2017/05/20 0 comments

Portable 3D Scanner for the documentation of Tutankhamun’s artifacts

On 3rd May, Egyptian experts attended lecture about using a new portable 3D scanner device, to prepare for the work in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. On 10th May, Dr. Oishi, Dr. Kagesawa and Ms. Kamakura (3D Scanning team) arrived in Cairo to start working with Mr. Abd Rabou, Mr.
Wood updates

Mural Paintings group

Moaz Elgabry 2017/02/19 0 comments

Sneferu transportation plan is finalized

One of the main objectives of our project is formulating the transportation plan of the limestone relief of King Senefru’s valley temple from the bent pyramid in Dahshur,which is currently being stored in the Giza storage and will be displayed in GEM. On 9th February, 2017 the team went to inspect on the current condition of
Mural Paintings
Moaz Elgabry 2017/02/12 0 comments

Mural painting teams make conservation plan

Dr. Kumi Masuda from the mural paintings Japanese team arrived on 11th February, and started meetings with the Egyptian team to make a detailed condition check in order to finalize the conservation plan.  They continued the work in EM(Egyptian Museum) opening showcases of the target artifacts thanks to the cooperation of
Mural Paintings

Textile group

Amira Mohamed 2017/03/30 0 comments

Textile team making conservation work plan for the target artifacts

This week starting from 27th March, Textile team in the Grand Egyptian Museum has started making documentation, discussing and making the new conservation work plan for the target artifacts with Dr. Ishii Mie. Ms. Eman, Mr. Nagm and Dr. Ishii with textile conservation team managed to set a new schedule
GEM-JC Project Updates Textile
Moaz Elgabry 2017/02/05 0 comments

Textile team continue documentation and makes conservation plan

The Japanese experts (Dr. Mie Ishii and Midori Yokoyama) from the textile team arrived on 4th February, 2017. The team’s mission is to confirm the current condition and prepare documentation, also to finalize the conservation team and conservation policy. Many meetings were held to confirm the transportation schedule, first aid treatment as

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