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Wood group updates

Mariam Algammal 2018/08/09 0 comments

The Documentation and Diagnostic Analysis of King Tutankhamun’s Third Funerary Bed Continues

After the transportation of King Tutankhamun’s third funerary bed to GEM in April, the wood team have started documenting and analyzing the bed before working on the conservation plan of it. First, they identified whether there has been any conservation work applied on the bed or not by using different
Wood updates
Mariam Algammal 2018/05/20 0 comments

Technical Imaging of King Tutankhamun’s Funerary Bed

After the transportation of the King Tutankhamun’s last Funerary Bed, the wood lab members at the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center started the technical imaging of the artifact using UV and IR filters and light sources. This type of photography helps in identifying whether there had been any past conservation
Wood updates

Mural Paintings group

Mariam Algammal 2018/08/02 0 comments

Mural Painting Team Prepares the Conservation Plan

In July, the Egyptian and Japanese mural painting teams have been working on finishing the conservation plan for the mural paintings as well as to plan for the next transportation of the murals which are currently being displayed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The team began experimenting different methods
Mural Paintings
Mariam Algammal 2018/05/30 0 comments

Technical Imaging of Mural Paintings

After the photography of king Tutankhamun’s funerary bed at the wood lab, the documentation team has started the technical imaging of the GEM-JC project’s target mural paintings using visible, UV fluorescence, UV reflected, IR fluorescence and IR reflected. This type of photography helps the team in identifying the pigments as
Mural Paintings

Textile group

Mariam Algammal 2018/06/13 0 comments

The Documentation of the Textile Artifacts Continues

For the past two weeks, the organic lab’s team at the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center (GEM-CC) has been documenting the project’s target textile artifacts. Everyday, several artifacts have been photographed using a documentation camera. This documentation is usually done before, during and after conservation to document the condition of
Mariam Algammal 2018/04/30 0 comments

Documentation and Planning of Mounting for the Textile Artifacts

Members of the Organic Conservation Lab in the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center are currently documenting and preparing for the mount of artifacts in preparation of the soft opening of the museum which is planned to take place in near future. The team has continued their work with Organic Japanese

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