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Wood group updates

Jasmin Essam 2019/08/19 0 comments

Diagnostic Analysis of King Tutankhamen’s Funerary beds

The wood Lab team in GEM-CC is conducting non-destructive analysis on King Tutankhamen’s beds, using portable fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), fibre- optic reflectance spectroscopy (FORS) and Raman spectroscopy, these analyses were based on previous results of multi spectral technique and portable XRF spectrometer. The conservators proceeded with diagnostic analysis to
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Jasmin Essam 2019/04/23 0 comments

Digital microscope analysis of King Tutankhamen’s chariots

The team members of the Wood Lab at GEM-CC are continuing diagnostic analysis on King Tutankhamen’s chariots using a high magnification digital microscope to identify the previous conservation processes that were done on the artifacts, and also identify the aspects of degradation in a non-destructive analysis. The digital microscope was
Featured GEM-JC Project Updates Wood updates

Mural Paintings group

Jasmin Essam 2019/07/28 0 comments

Diagnostic Analysis for mural paintings using XRF

Conservators continued diagnostic analysis at GEM-CC for follow artifacts, using hand held XRF device, which is an elemental analysis instrument that uses X-ray fluorescence technology to identify the elements of the scanned surface, which is the mural paintings in this case. First, the team preformed non-destructive XRF analysis directly on
Featured GEM-JC Project Updates Mural Paintings
Jasmin Essam 2019/07/10 0 comments

Mural Paintings in their final conservation process

The Egyptian- Japanese conservators are working jointly to conduct the final conservation process for the mural paintings. The first stage of conserving mural paintings started with removing previous conservation mortar with Sonic cutter device provided by JICA. then, conservators proceeded with the second stage, where they apply a new mortar
Featured GEM-JC Project Updates Mural Paintings

Textile group

Jasmin Essam 2019/06/12 0 comments

Investigating Tutankhamen’s textiles using multi-spectral imaging

Conservators at GEM-CC have been conducting multi-spectral imaging photography on Tutankhamen’s textiles to get more information about its condition, characteristics, etc. which are key information to finalize the documentation process. Multi-spectral imaging is a way of photography to capture image data within specific wavelength ranges across the electromagnetic spectrum allowing
GEM-JC Project Updates Textile
Jasmin Essam 2019/05/19 0 comments

Textile Mounts Take Their Final Shape

The Organic Conservation Lab is working perseveringly to conduct the mounting process within its estimated time, by fabricating each object’s inner mounts, which will preserve and protect the artifacts during the period it’s displayed or stored. Egyptian and Japanese textile team members followed up with the proceeding work of measuring and
GEM-JC Project Updates Textile

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