The project stakeholders have agreed to extend the project for an additional year. Now the project is going to support the internal transportation and implement activities related to the effective display of the target artifacts. The Japanese experts came to GEM-CC within weeks from the decision to study the possible ways they can provide support to best present the artifacts in its new home at GEM display galleries of Tutankhamun.

The experts collaborated with their counterparts from the wood lab to study the canopy further to devise the best methods to display it and consider how to use the 3D scanned data to prepare materials to be displayed. They visited the display halls to check the preparations for the showcases and how they are installed to incorporate such information when putting their proposal so that it matches the display scenario and maximizes the visitors’ experience while still showing the outputs of the project and maintaining the archaeological values of each artifact.

Even in these difficult times, we are eagerly looking forward to the long-awaited opening of GEM, and we are excited to continue our activities and contribute more to the opening and the artifacts.