Staying for two weeks, Mr. Ogasawara and Mr. Watanabe two highly professional photographers came from Japan equiped with the high rersoloution camera that can capture up to astonishing 80 mega pixles quality photos, with which they carried out the high resolution photographing of the lead artifacts. Such a high-end camera and photography equipment can be very hard to get your hands on in Egypt all the more to make it a great opportunity for the project to be able to document the work with such quality.

When photography is started, the atmosphere became very tense as Mr. Watanabe concentrates in silence. Mr. Watanabe, assisting Mr. Ogasawara, already knows what he need without words. Mr. Ogasawara’s concentration consumes a lot of physical strength at the breath-taking moments of capturing one shot. The picture taken by Mr. Ogasawara is clearer than actually seen by bare eyes.