In ICOM-CC Copenhagen 2017 held from September 3 to 9, 2017, five presentations made by GEM-CC experts were adopted. Three of them, by Dr.Hussein Kamal, Noor Badr and Said Mansur, were financially supported by the International Cultural Heritage Conservation Project Office, Tokyo University of the Fine Arts, and two presentations, by Dr.Medhat Muhammad and Ahmad Abd el-Rabo were founded by Getty Foundation International Program to travel and participate in the ICOM – CC. Other five Japanese experts also traveled to Copenhagen in order to participate in the conference and give presentations of their individual researches.

◆ Poster presentation

  • Dr. Hussein Kamal et al.: Impact of Previous Chemical Treatments and Environmental Conditions in Storage on Miniature Hoes Discovered from Tutankhamen’s Tomb by Interpretation of Analytical Results
  • Medhatt Abdallah et al. : The applications of Multi Spectral Imaging and Reflectance Transformation Imaging for an ancient Egyptian polychrome wooden stele

. Ahmed Abd el-Rabo et al.: Rotated axial stage tool for documentation of the pharaoh Tutankhamun’s decorated sticks

  • Noor Badr et al.: An Interpretation of the Fourth (Innermost) Shrine of King Tutankhamen Using Digital X – Radiography
  • Sayed Mansur et al.: Evaluation of Synthesized Poly (EMA / MA) / ZnO Nanocomposites Used for Protecting of Calcareous Stone Monuments of Ancient Egypt
  • Okada Yasushi et al.: Wood conservation training course at the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (2011-2016)


◆Oral Presentation

  • Mie Ishii et al .: Developing fabrics for textile conservation made with traditional techniques within the cultural property preservation policy in Japan.
  • Yasunori Matsuda et al.: Development of multi-spectral RTI system aimed at evaluation of process of varnish cleaning.

At last, we are deeply grateful to the International Cultural Property Conservation Project Office, Tokyo University of the Arts and the International Program of the Getty Foundation, who supported the members’ participation in the event.


you can view the full abstracts from here in ICOM-CC publication website.