Documentation and condition check at the Luxor museum

Accompanied by Dr. Osama Abo El Khair and Dr. Hussein Kamal, Mr.Eissa Zidan the head of the transportation team started the preparation for the transportation of Tutankhamun’s chariot exhibited at the Luxor Museum. As the Luxor Museum curators opened the showcase, both Egyptian and Japanese experts of GEM-JC project entered the showcase and started the condition check by visual inspections. We discussed the methods of first aid and packing. Currently, this chariot is still exhibited at the Luxor museum, so if you are interested please take a look at the Luxor Museum.

Thank you to the very kind facilitation of all the staff of the Museum, under the supervision of Ms. Sanna, the Director of the Museum, Ms. Eman, the Head of the Curatorial Department, and Ms. Amal, the Head of the Conservation Department.