3rd JCC meeting

The Third Joint Coordinating Committee was held by the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and the Grand Egyptian Museum Joint Conservation Project (GEM-JC project) on November 29,2018.

Under the supervision of the general supervisor of the GEM, Dr. Tarek Tawfik, and the senior representative of JICA Egypt, Mr. Matsuzaki Mizuki, the committee presented the outputs of 2018 and discussed the plan for the GEM-JC Project in 2019.

The meeting started with a welcome speech by Dr. Tarek Tawfik, Mr. Matsuzaki Mizuki and Mr. Hirakawa Nobuaki, the Secretary General of JICE. After which Mr. Nakamura Mikio, the chief advisor of the GEM-JC project introduced all the attendees. Then the presentations started by Dr. Hussein Kamal, the general director of conservation technical affairs at the GEM and the GEM-JC project manager, and Ms. Nishisaka Akiko, GEM-JC deputy project manager, giving a presentation about the progress of the GEM-JC project. Followed by a detailed presentation by the representatives of the wood, textile and mural paintings conservation expert committees, presenting the progress of the project’s target artifacts as well as the challenges that they faced this year.

Then, Mr. Sakamoto Kei, the GEM-JC project representative at JICA, gave the attendees an overview of the other projects which JICA is implementing for the GEM.

Finally, the discussions about the project’s future plan started, through which the committee agreed to add a new wooden artifact to the list of the project’s target artifacts; to be transported, investigated and conserved jointly by the Egyptian and the Japanese members of the project.