The mounting process for the textile artifacts of King Tutankhamun is progressing now at the organic lab of the Grand Egyptian Museum Conservation Center. The preparation and documentation of the whole process are being done by the textile conservation experts.

For the past days, the textile team members have been preparing for the fabrication of inner mounts by measuring and tracing each object to build the exact mount that fits its shape and size perfectly, while using acid-free materials, which will protect the objects for the long term.

First, the target artifacts were categorized by the types of mounts suitable for each object.

The textile team proceeded with drafting and drawing the specific mount design for each target artifact by using Auto CAD.

Now, the process of fabricating the mount is progressing steadily and we are looking forward to eventually seeing these mounts in their showcases at the GEM opening. The conservation grade mounts aim to protect the textile artifacts and preserve them so that future generation can enjoy them too.