The experts have successfully finished the meticulous conservation process for most of the artifacts, particularly the lead target artifacts, which were planned to be finished first. The next step for the artifacts whose conservation is done is to be photographed for documentation to keep a high-quality record that will be a scientific reference for many years to come. The photographs must take a record of minute details not only to show the results of the conservation but also to serve as an academic record.

The expert photographers had prepared their setups to capture the same frames that they had captured in their documentation of the artifact’s condition before conservation. This will allow for more precision in comparing the photos. Moreover, the Japanese experts have worked closely with their Egyptian counterparts to ensure a smooth transfer of their techniques so that the Egyptian team can continue the same process for the follow artifacts.

Over a period of about one month of continuous photographing the team was able to capture high-quality photos of the priceless artifacts. They documented all the wood target artifacts, the lead mural paintings, and the lead textile artifacts.

The Egyptian team will continue the remaining work of documenting the rest of the follow target artifacts.