GEM-CC has a memorandum of understanding with E-JUST (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology), which is a research university set up in collaboration between the Japanese and Egyptian governments in 2010. Both organizations had agreed on the promotion of technological
cooperation in the conservation of Egyptian cultural heritage, and cooperating in conducting analyses that aren’t available in GEM-CC. GEM-CC already owns many advanced scientific instruments to help the conservators in studying the objects for conservations and for academic
research. However, E-JUST covers a broader range of analytical instruments that GEM-CC can benefit from in certain cases.

In August and September 2019, the conservation scientists from Japan and GEM-CC had visited E-JUST to conduct more specialized analyses using its facilities in order to gain more information that will help in the long term preservation as well as adding more sources of information to verify archaeological findings.

The synergy effect between such large-scale academic research organizations is not only highly beneficial for achieving our project’s goals but also will encourage more cooperation in the future and contribute to enriching academic literature about the conservation of Egyptian cultural

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