New members joined our project team this year. Conservation experts were dispatched in April for two months; Mr. Matsuda -Head of the Conservation Research Center in Tohoku University of technology arts, and Mr. Suemori, the Conservation Training Organizer, who are working for two months till the end of June, 2010. Currently they are trying to understand the challenges that face work in the Conservation Center and collecting data required to implement the program of Human Capacity Development later. At the same time they are working to establish a relationship based on trust through dialogue with conservators of the GEM-CC. Adding to this, they plan to organize a workshop on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in May, for a successful local training and working to monitor the internal environment of the GEM-CC.

Ms. Sugimoto, who is going to stay for two years, has joined the team in April as a volunteer member. Ms. Sugimoto has been working in Japan as a system engineer specialized in software development. In this project she is going to work with the IT and Database teamwork to develop artifacts database and the IT system of work in the office.

Ms. Aya is an Egyptian member who joined the project team recently as a translator from English into Arabic and vice versa, as well as a public information assistant. Specifically, she is going to translate the work manual for archaeological database department created by Japanese experts, and she will also create documents for the project in Arabic and English.

A brief self-introduction of the new members is uploaded on the website, where you can read their messages.

Mr. Matsuda

Mr. Suemori

Ms. Sugimoto