Ramses Ⅱ statue moved to GEM Entrance

We were’e very delighted to watch this historical moment when Ramses II statue was moved to its final display location at the entrance of GEM. we’d like to share with you some ofthe transportation photage. the following links show some of the media and news coverage of the event: ①AFPBB: ファラオの巨大像、新博物館へ移動(Japanese) […]

Second JCC held confirming the progress and discussing issues in implementation of the project

Second Joint Coordinating Committee was held on November 28th in the conference room nearby GEM-CC. The meeting was started by Dr. Tarek giving welcome speech, expressing the Government’s interest in GEM-JC project expressing how the Minister is always asking about the progress of work of GEM construction project as well […]

Participation in the ICOM-CC Copenhagen

In ICOM-CC Copenhagen 2017 held from September 3 to 9, 2017, five presentations by GEM-CC experts were adopted. Three of them, by Dr.Hussein Kamal, Noor Badr and Said Mansur, were financially supported by the International Cultural Heritage Conservation Project Office, Tokyo University of the Fine Arts, and two presentations, by […]