Sneferu transportation plan is finalized

One of the main objectives of our project is formulating the transportation plan of the limestone relief of King Senefru’s valley temple from the bent pyramid in Dahshur,which is currently being stored in the Giza storage and will be displayed in GEM. On 9th February, 2017 the team went to inspect on the current condition of […]

Mural painting teams make conservation plan

Dr. Kumi Masuda from the mural paintings Japanese team arrived on 11th February, and started meetings with the Egyptian team to make a detailed condition check in order to finalize the conservation plan.  They continued the work in EM(Egyptian Museum) opening showcases of the target artifacts thanks to the cooperation of […]

Mural paintings first condition check

As soon as the Japanese experts arrived, they started the prelimenary condition check to confirm the target artifacts’ conditions , and to collect data on which the scheduling of the whole project will be based. The Egyptian documentation team was present throughout the whole process working together on photographic documentation, measurements and […]

Target Wall Paintings artifacts

GEM-JC Project’s target artifacts include 7 sets of wall paintings, 1 of which is a lead target artifact and the other 6 sets are follow artifacts. The lead artifacts will be the objects which GEM-CC and the Japanese conservators will work on collaboratively together, whereas follow artifacts are the objects on which they will work together […]