Newcomers Joining our Teamwork

5-5-2010   New members joined our project team this year. Conservation experts were dispatched in April for two months; Mr. Matsuda -Head of the Conservation Research Center in Tohoku University of technology arts, and Mr. Suemori, the Conservation Training Organizer, who are working for two months till the end of […]

NHK Agency for Media Coverage

 2-5-2010 On the 2nd of May 2010, Mr. Fuji from NHK news agency, Cairo office, visited GEM-CC for media coverage. Firstly, they took photos of the conservators during conservation works on the wooden coffins and stones in the GEM-CC which has began lately. They also took photos showing the atmosphere […]

Transportation of the Selected Artifacts Starts

1-5-2010   Mr. Suzuki, an expert in information technology of databases, delivers us reports on workflow progress in Archeological Database Department (ADD). The 27th of January 2010, witnessed the beginning of transportation of selected artifacts from storerooms in different places of Cairo to be displayed in the GEM. The transportation […]